Occupational Therapy

Morningstar Home Health Agency, Inc. and its licensed occupational therapists can work with the recovering patient at home. Occupational Therapy focuses on restoration of self-care skills through treatment modules that may include but will not be limited to:
Group of elders doing things

  • Proposing Home Modifications to Improve Safety
  • Body Mechanics Treatment
  • Fatigue Management in Overcoming Disability
  • Enhancing the Client’s Coordination
  • Restoration of Muscle Control
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment
  • Pain Management
  • Mobility Treatment
  • Coordinating Activities to Enhance Independence
  • Basic Skills Re-Education
  • Evaluating Client’s Cognition and Psychosocial Needs

Call 954-987-2414 if you live in Miramar, Florida and the surrounding counties. We can provide occupational therapy and rehabilitative care in your home upon request or when recommended for you by your physician.