Speech Therapy

At home, you can receive therapy to improve Communication Skills. We offer Speech-Language Pathology for children, teens, adults and seniors.
caregiver assisting patient in speaking

  • Sign Language Training
  • Eating and Swallowing Strategies
  • Evaluation and Individualized Treatment
  • Individualized In-Home Therapy Sessions
  • Treatment for Hypernasality
  • Therapy for Cerebral Palsy
  • Articulation Exercises
  • Pediatric Speech Therapy for Ages 5 and Under
  • Auditory Processing Disorders Therapy
  • Involuntary Stuttering
  • Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Call 954-987-2414 if you live in Miramar, Florida and the surrounding counties. We can provide speech therapy services in your home upon request or when recommended for you by your physician.